Class Options: Ages 0-4

Zumbini: Ages 0-4

Created by Zumba and Baby First, Zumbini is an early childhood education program that uses original music and movement to promote cognitive, social, fine/gross motor skills, and emotional development all while creating the ultimate bonding experience for families! This class is 45 minutes long and is offered in 6 week sessions.

Mommy & Me : Ages 1.5-2.5

Mommy & Me is a 30 minute intro to dance class for children ages 1.5 to 2.5 years old. Your child will have fun singing and learning simple movements set to music while making new friends!

Mommy & Me helps to develop motor skills while improving coordination and learning to follow directions. Each child attends class with a parent or caregiver. (No tutus necessary moms and dads!)  Children at this level are invited to perform in the Spring Recital!

Creative Movement: Ages 3-4
(2.5 with permission from Director)

Creative Movement is a 30 minute dance class for children ages 3-4.  In this class, your child will have fun learning simple dance steps, singing songs, and using their imagination through improvisation.

In Creative Movement, children will start to learn proper dance etiquette and will attend class without a parent. Elements of introductory Ballet and Jazz technique are taught. Children are invited to participate in our Spring Performance!

Taps & Tutus: ages 3-4

Taps & Tutus is a 45 minute class that allows young dancers the opportunity to explore beginning Ballet, the basis of all dance forms, and Tap in every class. This combo class introduces elements of dance such as skipping, jumping, weight change, stretching, and basic Tap and Ballet terminology! We recommend this class as a way for children to explore what styles of dance they may like at the next level of training.

In each class, dancers will do approximately 20 minutes of Ballet and 20 minutes of Tap. Time is alotted for changing into Tap shoes and sticker time at the end of class. Dancers are invited to perform in the Spring Performance!