A MUST READ for mom's of young dancers!

Summer is half way over and summer camps and the new school/dance year are right around the corner. Time and time again we see toddlers cry for a few weeks after starting a new activity, including dance classes.  It is so important to keep in mind that starting a new activity can be very overwhelming for a child, especially if they aren't used to being away from mom and dad!  It is important to give your child time to adjust to the new activity before deciding that they simply do not like it. 

It is also extremely common to see Kindergarteners who have been dancing for a couple of years, start school and then begin crying at dance class.  This is such a big change in their little lives and even if they love dance and have been taking class, it can be overwhelming.  They are tired, are spending more hours a day away from their parents and are starting new schedules.  Listen to what they say and give them time to adjust to everything going on before making a final decision on dropping an activity!  Sometimes, they simply do not like dance or that genre of dance class, but oftentimes, they just need time to adjust. 

This article below is a great read on this topic!  I encourage all dance parents to read this.  If you have any parenting advice on this matter, we would love to hear them!